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So last weekend, I went to see Gabrielle Bernstein in London presenting her talk ‘The universe has your back’ – literally. Gabby is in her late 30’s yet she looks about early 20’s through the way she has lives her life.

Gabby was my inspiration to start a blog, as I read her book and then was inspired by some of the stuff she had done and achieved, she was inspired by Louise Hay, whom some of you may have heard of, she was an American motivational author and the founder of Hay House. Louise recently died, however she will be remembered by many people, one of my favourite affirmations of hers is ‘What you feel you can heal’.

Gabrielle taught me a lot throughout the 8 hours which I was there, which i will be writing many posts on, about the stuff which I learnt which I’d like to share with you.

When you aren’t feeling align with your power, you need to look at the ways for why you would be out of your alignment, ask yourself how you feel, if you don’t feel great, ask yourself ‘Where is my resistance?’. Repeat to yourself ‘All is well’ , as you repeat this , your realising positive energy to the universe, which will reflect into your life.

Gabby has had so many experiences which I’d like you to read about then maybe you’ll start to realise how important it is to put positive energy out, be kind, and not to judge. I will attach the links at the bottom of the page for you to see her books etc

‘Be kind and compassionate to connect with the universe’

The universe is always saying yes to what energy you put out.





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