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Reiki is a Japanese word it is pronounced RAY-KEE, the translation of this means Universal life force energy. 

REI- Universal, present everywhere

KI- Life Force

I recently visited a spiritual retreat, where I met a lovely women called Laura, roughly in her 70’s I’m not too sure, however she has a spirit and soul made from love. Laura introduced me to an alternative healing called Reiki healing, at first I had no idea what she was on about, however she told me more and it started to fascinate me. You are probably thinking the same as I was, as it isn’t an everyday healing that people know about just yet, but i am sure it will be in the near future.

I ended up visiting Laura at her Reiki Healing sessions in Tunbridge wells, every thursday they are open ( contact me for more details ) . I went with an open mind to what it would be like and I came out of it in result of being so calm, mindful and feeling positive.

Reiki healer is used as a channel for the Life Force Energy which is drawn by the recipient to everywhere that is needed in your body. It realises blocked energy, cleansing of the toxins in your body, It is such a powerful therapy, as it goes to the deeper levels of your conscience where ill-health has its roots.

How its done-normally it lasts for around 60-90 minutes, you are lying down on something similar to a bed you would find when you go to a massage place. You stay fully clothed, the Reiki healer will gently place their hands on or above specific energy centers which are all over the body. Reiki can relieve pain or acute symptoms quite rapidly.

You may as well try it, it is free in most places, although it is nice to make a donation to the people who are offering the therapy, but it is not needed. Please contact me if interested, as it will help you 100%!


One comment on “Reiki Healing ( Alternative Healing )

  1. Tamara says:

    I agree/ have tried reiki healing and felt very chilled afterwards.
    Thanks for the info . Loving your blog

    Liked by 1 person

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