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Anxiety is such a common problem nowadays for teenagers and adults, causing all sorts of worries and over thinking. Many teenagers stress so much over little thoughts or even nothing, but there is always a cure to this.

Meditation has been proven to help your anxiety and stress levels. For those of you who have a little anxiety or get it all the time, meditation can really improve this. There have been many cases which I have read about suggesting how meditation was their cure for bad stress levels and anxiety, proving how meditation can be a life changing solution. Here is someone’s story on it, please take a read as it really inspired me, so I hope it will inspire you.

I hope you read or  at least scanned the link  as it will  all start to make sense. Our essential nature is already whole and perfect. All we need to do is tap into that eternal self that is the ground state of our being. That connection to spirit is the root of all healing and happiness. Everything can be cured naturally, especially anxiety.

Normally, someone with anxiety has an overbuild up of negative emotions and thoughts  Anxious people’s minds are very quick. They think fast and there can be a lack of space between thoughts, this state does not allow the person’s intuition to enter their consciousness, therefore your thoughts are constantly running, which will increase your stress levels.

So the next step is starting to cure your anxiety and calm your mind down. There are several different types of meditation that can work for anyone, however we will start with the first three which will hopefully help the most to decrease your anxiety levels.

Manta meditation This meditation is where you choose a calm word or phrase and silently repeat it again and again. This will help you  gently let any distracting thoughts flow away,along with making you feel very calm. Sit in a place where you are comfortable and place your palms upwards ( this opens your body to positive energy ) close your eyes and repeat a mantra These mantra’s could be

  • ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’
  • ‘Other people feel this too’
  • ‘Commit to love’
  • ‘This too shall pass’

 These four mantra’s are quite common when using meditation to help your anxiety or fears. Please use them, as they really can help.

Another meditation method which helps anxiety is Mindful Meditation. You should focus  on developing your concentration, focus on your breath and work to keep your focus on it, this is your concentration. Try to keep it a soft focus, try not to force it. This will slowly calm you down as you focus on your breaths, releasing your stress from your body. Whilst focusing on your breath, also allow yourself to focus on everything around you and to appreciate what you have got.

I recommend to start with you do it for 10-15 minutes once or twice a day if you have time! You will definitely notice a change.

Lastly, the third meditation method to combat your anxiety is Walking meditation. During a walking meditation you adopt the principles of the Mindfulness Meditation, in the way that you notice and appreciate everything around you as you pass by.Take this at a steady pace, becoming aware of the motion of your legs and feet. Additionally, you can combine this with  the Mantra meditation which I have just written about, repeat the calming word in your head as you breathe deeply and regularly. The benefit to this is  both  the physical (exercise )and mental (calming) relaxation, whilst giving yourself a real psychological boost.

I was recently in London with a few of my friends, I actually managed to convince them that meditating will help them to sleep and to calm their stress levels down and it worked of course! I taught them to meditate on a roof top balcony looking over Canary Wharf (It’s not every day you get to meditate in such a nice place) . I wasn’t actually sure whether they would do it, but they did and the difference was significantly noticeable from how they were acting before we meditated, in comparison to after. Grace said she felt as if she was in her own bubble and was able to relax herself to slow her thoughts down..I meditated for roughly 25 minutes  with each friend, to enable them to focus and to really be able to find their inner spirit. However you can do it for however long you wish.

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