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Nutrition helping your energy

Nutrition,nutrition,nutrition…yes having grown up with a Mum who is a Nutritionist, this has been embedded in my every wakening thought, but of course as a naturally rebellious teenager it has taken me a while to realise that when I eat junk food then I naturally feel like junk, yet like you I want to wake up feeling full of energy  and feel happy to be alive.

 When I was surfing in Mexico,  I really felt my energy uplifted from being out in the natural elements but once home in England, I felt my energy dip so knew I needed to raise this by eating natural foods and drinking lots of water.

 Well the only way we can feel our best is to eat foods that give us energy or Life force energy is to include some raw food in our diets. Life force is also known as “Chi” in Chinese medicine and” Manna” in Hawaii.  Eating good natural foods is the easiest way to improve our vibrations

 Low vibrational foods are foods that are low in water content, so the foods we all eat every day, processed foods like bread,chips,biscuits and sweets. Unfortunately, every time we eat these foods we move further away from our light spiritual energy, that we want to enable us to have a happier and more spiritual life.

 So a simple change to make is to add lots of fruit and vegetables that are full of enzymes. Fruits grown on trees get the most sun so foods such as avocado,apples,cherries,lemons etc have the highest life force,  and next are  green vegetables as they contain chlorophyll. It’s not that hard to make changes and you will be surprised how you start feeling after a few days of changing your foods.

If like me, you don’t like eating breakfast first thing before School, try this for energy:

I love to make a breakfast smoothie before School, it is full of life force which gives me good energy and fills me up and helps me concentrate on those dreaded A level classes, and here is the recipe:

Breakfast smoothie recipe-

 250ml Almond milk or orange juice (not concentrated)

1 frozen banana (freeze without skin )

A handful of chopped mango

1 handful of baby spinach

Handful of oats and chia seeds (I soak overnight in orange juice or nut milk)

 Blend all ingredients and drink slowly so you absorb all the nutrients and you will be set up for the day and its pretty yummy too.


One comment on “Nutrition helping your energy

  1. Ellie says:

    Wow Holly

    Love this page and the recipe.
    Keep this going as it’s very inspiring


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