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I visited a Spiritual retreat earlier today which my mum had booked for herself however last minute I decided I wanted to go along to see what it was like. There was roughly around 18 people mostly women and two men, it was a free retreat which was run by a women called Linda who is part of Brahma Kumara (meditation group/spiritual) youtube.

The retreat was eye opening, a very spiritual place where middle aged women would attend to get away from their stressful lives and to be able to open up and to relax themselves through the powerful act of meditation. The aim of the retreat was to relax your body and to slow down your mind, now a days we live in a world with a ‘Monkey mind’ thoughts flowing around our head’s constantly and there is no stopping, but meditation can change this!

What is meditation?  Alot of you may think this is very simple but for those of you who don’t have a clue what it is about here is a little insight to it!

  • It is a practice which has been around for years which helps us to control our mind and our lives, it also gives us the ability to discover ourselves.
  • It will calm you’re mind down
  • It is easy, you can do it anywhere and everything you receive from it is positive!


I haven’t been meditating for a long time however I have started recently and I can defiantly notice a change in my life, it’s not as if I have a really stressful life as I’m only 17 but meditation can still help dramatically at this age, or any age!

Regular meditation helps so much in relieving stress and also improves your quality of sleep, if you aren’t sleeping well at night I would defiantly recommend mediating whenever you can, and its best to do it on an empty stomach! The less stress you have in your life means there is more happiness, you will live a happier and healthier life with meditation.

There are so many different ways to meditate but i will tell you the basic one to start us of with but we can progress to others!

How to meditate:

  • Please go and find a comfortable place to lie or sit ( sitting is better as you’re less likely to fall asleep)
  • Put your hands wherever you want, where they are most comfortable:)
  • Try and keep your eyes open and focus on something small to look at. Although some people may tell you to close your eyes, it is easier to drift of or to start thinking about your worries..although it is about what is the most comfortable for you, so try both and see what you prefer
  • Your focus ~perhaps pay attention to your breath, as this anchor’s yourself in the present moment, let it be natural.
  • When you notice thoughts, gently try to let them go by returning your focus to the breath. Don’t try to stop thoughts as this will make you feel agitated, think of them as unwelcome visitors at your door, acknowledge their presents and politely ask them to leave.
  • Nothing beats silence, try to find a silent spot in your room or anywhere in the universe. There is a lot of mediation music, but this can distract us, although you may enjoy it. Steadiness and calmness comes from sitting in silence.
  • The timing should be up to you, perhaps start with 10 minutes and you can increase this time if you feel it is too short.
  • Enjoy, I hope it relaxes you as much as it should! Email me for more information on Meditation.

Here is a link which may help you

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