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Life is not all about following a certain schedule, there is no rule to life on what you should do. Although the usual routine is to start school when you’re 3 years old and be in education until 18, then university or college then to get a job. Well for people who live in the UK that is what the norm is to follow. However these aren’t rules you have to stick to.

Personally if I could I would leave school now and go travelling, do a course on something which i really enjoy and could carry it on for the rest of my life, potentially teaching people and giving life lessons to people on how important positivity is, along with keeping yourself healthy and active. I would love to go to Sayulita, Mexico and live a hippie life, surfing, meditating, eating and meeting loads of new people, along with having a job out there which I would enjoy doing and waking up to every morning! Now, I know this can become true, I just have to make it happen through perseverance, and keeping my energy positive so that the universe can give it back.

You shouldn’t go into anything which you don’t feel comfortable doing, nor feel pressured by people to do what they want you to do. You are yourself, no one should be controlling you unless it is the universe, which will give you guidance and paths to follow.

We all have aspirations and dreams in life, which we would all like to follow and achieve, and we can if we make ourselves belive we can. Anything is possible, you just have to make it possible through your thoughts and words.


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