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Your next step- knowing where to start.

So, as we all know positivity is the key to your life. No negativity should be spoken upon.

Your desire to be healthy, love, earn, and anything else you want in life, has to be driven by a positive mind.

It is the basics, if you have negative thoughts or speak negative this automatically gives a negative message out to the universe which will then reflect back into your life. Do you want that, no!

So what I mean when I say negative thoughts or speak negative, is for example:

‘i can’t pass this exam ‘ ~ ‘I won’t be able to set up this business, its too hard’ ~ ‘I bet I will fail after 3 months’ ~ ‘I can’t catch this wave, its too big’ .

No, no, no. This is the opposite mentality we want in life. I never want you to think or speak like this again,  you are blatantly going against your power through your words! All your doing is putting negative energy into the universe, what do you get out of this? nothing, life will not improve if you think and speak negative.

SO, its time to change guys, you need to have the right mentality to start with.

1- Take ownership of your life- 

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.”  – the Dalai Lama

2- Cancel your negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. – instead of saying ‘I can’t pass this exam’ perhaps you could say ‘I can pass this exam’ or ‘ill try my best to pass this exam’,  I can guarantee you, by putting these positive thoughts out to the universe you will receive something positive back.




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