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I haven’t always been a positive person, until i opened my eyes and realised that positivity drives your future and creates happiness in life.

You may be reading this and thinking what is the girl on about, but the more posts you read and the more you start to believe the more you will realise how important it is to know that there is someone always guiding you to your paths,  it is all dependant on the energy that you put out to the universe.

In order to manifest your love, health, happiness and everything which you desire to have or give, you must learn to think and speak the disguised ‘language of the universe’. All your thoughts which go through your mind will have a positive side and a negative side, but the universe will only give what you ask for.

Now, just take a minute to think about this quote ‘The power of the spoken word’ .

Now that you have thought about ‘The power of the spoken word’, do you really understand the depth it has? The power of the spoken word can literally call into your existence that which you perceived to be good or bad. In reality, the way your life is acting now is a reflection upon the words which you have been consistently speaking.

So, have you truly got the life that you desire right now? if you do, then keep speaking and thinking positively, as it will keep on reflecting in your life.

However if your life is not what you truly desire, you may have consciously or unconsciously spoken in a negative way, this has been reflected to your life and the universe has given you what you’ve asked for, so in this matter it is time to make a change.



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